Project Summary

The City Tech I3 Incubator:Interdisciplinary Partnerships for Laboratory Integration addresses three NSF I3 goals: broadening participation, integrating research and education, and developing a global workforce. The incubator will broaden participation by enabling our students, the majority of whom are underrepresented in STEM programs of study and professions, to learn science, mathematics, and engineering technology applications in laboratories that have been transformed to reflect the collaborative interdisciplinary approaches of advanced science and industry labs today. The incubator will provide new opportunities to fuse STEM education and STEM research by creating an institution-wide focus on inquiry based research as a means of learning and doing science in labs, in faculty-led research projects outside the classroom, and in industry settings in the New York metropolitan area, where our students will seek their futures. Finally, the incubator will contribute to the development of a global workforce by enhancing and expanding the role of industry representatives in communicating their needs and practices to the college and reciprocally using the college to meet their own technological workforce needs.


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