Project Objectives

1) To create new interdisciplinary lab content bridging basic science /mathematics with applied technology disciplines.

2) To adopt lab pedagogy that fosters active learning and problem solving rather than rote learning.

3) To optimize use of technology in labs for scientific and educational purposes.

4) To strengthen the range, intensity, and duration of STEM mentoring / partnership activities at the institutional, faculty, and student levels.

Integrative Mechanisms

• A central web site through which all special STEM initiatives will be linked, web site managed by the Faculty Commons.

• A multi-dimensional institutional model of all City Tech lab experiences along whose coordinates each individual laboratory can be placed and against which lab improvement can be benchmarked.

• A cross-project matrix that charts each NSF-funded initiative and serves as a communication tool as well as an evaluation tool (» See Evaluation)

• An I3 Advisory Board that comprises PIs and Co-PIs from current NSF projects and other STEM initiatives as well as representatives of individual STEM program advisory boards. The provost (PI) will be the ex officio chair of this I3 Board.


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